The Ideal Way to Radio Communication

C.A.Sheimer is the two-way radio market leader in Hong Kong for over 30 years. We had deployed radio system around Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China, helping over hundreds of businesses from various industries to enable instant, reliable, cost effective radio communications solutions.

C.A.Sheimer believes that quality products, innovative solutions and dedicated customer service can help bring success to our customers. We provide a rich line of well-know, high-performance digital radios and wireless communications products and software solutions. Our partners include major manufacturers and industry leaders such as Motorola, SmartPTT, TCE Singapore, RFI Australia, Andrews USA, Cambium Networks, Hikvision and more.

More than 80% of Hong Kong corporations have relied on us to provide and maintain their two-way radio communications for voice and data applications. C.A.Sheimer works directly with our customers, all sizes and industries, providing sales, service, maintenance, rental or customized solutions in two-way radio and wireless communications solutions.

C.A.Sheimer continues to grow as a result of customer satisfaction and unprecedented quality for systems, design, integration and dependability.

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