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Radio Work Order Integration

Excelsior hotel crews handle work orders discreetly and stylishly using SL1K radios in combination with MOTOTRBO third party software solution.

AEGIS Alarm System

AEGIS solution interconnects BMS alarms with MOTOTRBO radio system to provide instantaneous alert to your personnel when an alarm is triggered for immediate responds.

Mobile Surveillance Solution

Hong Kong Transport Department depends on our Mobile CCTV Service to monitor traffic condition and ease traffic congestions during public event and emergency situations.

Smart PA System

We customized a Smart PA System that enables HACTL to select and make announcements to any group of 50 PA speakers directly through portable radio transceviers.

Point-to-Point IP Connectivity

Cambium PTP solutions offer secured and dedicated connections between sites 10+ Km apart for IP connection, telemetry collection, cctv monitoring, radio broadcasting and much more.

Radio Motion Alert System

Random wireless motion detection setup and instant alert on your security staffs’ radio subscribers are the best defense solution against unwanted intruders and burglary.

Location Tracking System

The knowledge of real-time locations of your workers and assets improve security, safety and efficiency for your operation.

I/O Remote Control System

MOTOTRBO digital radio enables users to remotely control switches to operate tasks that were not thought possible before.

Indoor Positioning System

Combining software and hardware technologies, indoor positioning and control of digital MOTOTRBO radios where GPS are unavailable.