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  • From the concierge desk to the convention center, MOTOTRBO SL Series keeps you instantly connected and in control with an incredibly sleek and light radio for the ultimate in discreet communication. Versatile and powerful, our revolutionary MTOTOTRBO portable combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. SL Series radios integrate voice and data seamlessly, offer enhanced features that are easy to use, such as integrated Bluetooth, covert mode, vibrate alert and intelligent audio.
    Designed in a small form factor so sophisticated, it is like no other radio you have used. Only the SL Series enhances your professionalism so you can remaster your productivity and image like never before.


Earpiece PMLN5957

Sleek, discreet earpiece with single-wire transmit and receive.

Earpiece PMLN5958

Swivel earpiece with inline microphone and push-to-talk

Battery PMNN4425

Compact, slim Lithium ion 1400 mAh battery

Battery Cover PML6001

This is a replacement cover for Motorola’s SL series high-capacity battery

Carry Holder PMLN5956

Conventient, lightweight carry holder for SL series radios.

Muitl-Charging Station PMLN5916

Charge up to six SL series radios or batteries.

Standard Charger PMPN4006

Micro-USB rapid plug-in charger for SL series radios.

Bluetooth Push-to-Talk NNTN8191

Operations critical wireless push-to-talk

Bluetooth Push to Talk and Earpiece NNTN8190

Opeartions critical wireless earpiece with 9.5-inch cable

Bluetooth Earpiece H790

Cutting-edge technology make Motorola H790 bluetooth earpiece a true winner

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