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Clearer Voice


M8260 features durable and powerful front-projecting loudspeakers providing exceptional digital audio performance throughout your coverage area. As compared to analog radios, digital technology rejects static and noise for clearer audio communications.

Voice & Data


Integrating voice and data into one device to increase your operational efficiency and supporting applications including MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Service, GPS module for use with third party location tracking applications.

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Twice Calling Capacity


Uses Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) digital technology to provide Twice The Calling Capacity (as compared to analog or FDMA radios) for the price of one frequency license. A second call doesn’t require a second repeater, saving you equipment costs.

Bright Display


Numeric LED delivers clear visible feedback of calling, scanning and monitoring functions. Also feature flexible, menu-driven interface in user-friendly icons or two lines of text with intuitive navigation.

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Voice & Data Privacy


Keeping your conversation private is important. M8260 offers 16-bit key scrambling algorithm to keep communication secure and prevent eavesdropping.

Transmit Interrupt


Features transimit interrupt suite - voice interrupt, remote voice dekey, emergency voice interrupt – to help prioritize critical communication exactly when needed.

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Business Applications


MOTOTRBO’s Application Developer Program offers industry’s largest portfolio of data applications and customized solution so you can adapt your radios to your business challenges:

  • BMS Monitoring
  • Dispatching
  • Email Gateway
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Remote Device Control
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