XiR P8260

XiR P8200 / P8260 Series
The Future of Two-Way Radio

  • Two-way radio has been a successful analog communication solution for generations, and it proves itself every day in countless deployments around the world. But in today’s technologically advanced environment, a new platform is possible — a digital platform that breaks through to new levels of performance and productivity.


Multi-Unit Charger

The speaker microphone boasts a revolutionary noise cancellation technology that is designed to eliminate ambient noise.

Single Unit Charger

IMPRES 2-wire black surveillance kit allows the user to both transmit and receive discreet communications.

Slim Li-Ion Battery

MPRES Li-ion 1500mAh battery

High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery

MPRES Li-ion 2200mAh battery

Speaker Microphone

This carrying accessory is a spring-action, 2-inch belt clip for two-way radios.

Wired Earpiece

Smart energy system auto-reconditions IMPRES batteries based on usage, keeping them in peak condition.

Bluetooth Headset

Advanced charging algorithms and automatic reconditioning features, this single-unit charger ensures maximum talk-time and optimized battery life for P8200 series

Wireless PTT

MOTOTRBO Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless Adapter works with any Bluetooth compatible audio earpiece.

Spring Action Belt Clip

Bluetooth headset with long talk time, voice alerts whisper battery level, bluetooth connection and more.

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